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[18 Jul 2006|11:37pm]

Ok, I need one more favor. I'm sorry to keep doing this.

I'm making a compliation for someone who has never heard AFI before. I spent a good many hours creating the perfect mix and the perfect order but I have one problem. I need to songs. I need Morningstar and I need God Called in Sick today.
For some reason they won't burn off my CD's and I have no idea why, and even if they did I don't want them with the bonus tracks.

So if someone could please help me, it's for a present. I'm trying to get it done before tomorrow.

Thank you so much!
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[10 Jul 2006|03:20pm]

I'm looking for some Black Sails in the Sunset/Art of Drowning t-shirts, or somethig along those lines. Does anyone know where I could find them?

I appreciate your help.

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[21 Nov 2005|01:41pm]
Lately I've been getting into hardcore and haven't found anything new thats too exciting, but this band "I Am Ghost"... whoa, amazing. They are really unique, I can't even describe them. I really recommend checking out one of their songs here! Also! When did Epitaph get the new site layout? Its insane!!! Are there any bands similar to these guys that you recommend?
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off topicish [24 Jun 2005|10:22pm]

I have a bunch of stuff on auction! A LOOSE CHANGE album, the sts double lp, girls not grey error press and more!what i have!Collapse )
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[10 Feb 2005|11:04pm]


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[27 Jan 2005|03:26pm]
Hey guys,

I'm deleting this community cos it has no activity at all. However, if anyone wishes to maintain the community instead i would be happy to turn it over to them. So, any takers?
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Hi [07 Jan 2005|07:34pm]

Hi, I'm new, and some of you may have received posts from me today. I read around in communities before deciding to join them. I did not mean to offend anyone, but I had to say a few things, so please take nothing in offense.

I'm new to AFI but I do know their old stuff. My favorite CD by them is Very Proud of Ya, though I also like Answer that and Stay Fashionable. (I like all of their older stuff as a whole, but picking two.) I'm not at all upset with their newest album, even though that's not what the community is about.
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Target Commercial [16 Nov 2004|12:41am]

This is cute.
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[08 Oct 2004|09:13pm]


I'm trying to create a buzz about the forthcoming AFI semi-best of album, basically clicking the banner and going to the mystery destination will tell you the track listing for the album and a few other nice bits and pieces to know.

If you can think of a way to spread the word drop me a line and I will try to repoint the campaign, right now there has been very little said about this album in the media and even online and it would be cool to change that.

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hi [09 Sep 2004|03:27pm]

I joined.

When devil locks weren't in...Collapse )
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PLEASE JOIN! [06 Aug 2004|06:56pm]


please join! its a community that i made all by myself for afi lovers.
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[02 Aug 2004|11:01pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I was looking through some pictures today and I found this older one of Davey and Jade...



clicka!Collapse )
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tickets for sale [02 Aug 2004|12:49pm]
Hey I was wondering if you or anyone you know that has heard about AFI playing the street scene August 27 in San Diego. I have two tickets I'm trying to sell. $90 for the pair if you know anyone that would REALLY want to go, and would do anything for tickets let me know.
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[20 Jul 2004|03:58pm]

join- loser_kids__ 
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[01 Jul 2004|12:34pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hey i just joined.
I'm 14 (yes i'm a younging) and i live in cortlandt n.y...about 40 min from the city.
I love afi and even though the first c/d i heard by them was sing the sorrow..i loved everyhing before alot better.
Black sails in the sunset is my favorite c/d ..and i hope afi's new c/d heads back in that direction.
Some other bands i like:
the distillers
the transplants
streetlight manifesto
..i'm always up to listening to diffrent bands and diffrent kinds of rock and meeting new people so add me if you like

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[13 Apr 2004|07:56pm]

hey im new to this community. im a big fan of AFI and their oldschool stuff. add me if you like. =]

<3 gabriela
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college q x-posted [11 Apr 2004|08:11pm]

i know AFI was together in 1992 i think it was, then they broke up so they could go to college. did Davey go to Berkley? what about Jade? where did all the guys go to college?
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[08 Apr 2004|08:33pm]
Hey, has anyone heard any new news about davey??
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Dedication. [24 Mar 2004|06:01pm]

Thought I would show my dedication to AFI. I did this last year at the apex of my AFI obsession. And yes, it's REAL blood.

...it's all for youCollapse )
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[21 Mar 2004|04:00pm]
Any news on Davey's condition?
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